SLAM SDK - Augmented Pixels

SLAM SDK is a powerful tool that fuses data from cameras, lasers, sonars, IMU, GPS and calculates a position within 1-inch.

Precise indoor location in 3D using computer vision and SLAM

Dragonfly is a positioning system based on Computer Vision using SLAM and offering a precise location in 3D for drones, forklifts, robots and other autonomous vehicles


TurtleBot3 Collaboration Project. TurtleBot3 is a collaboration project among Open Robotics, ROBOTIS, and more partners like The Construct, Intel, Onshape, OROCA, AuTURBO, ROS in Robotclub Malaysia, Astana Digital, Polariant Experiment, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, GVlab, Networked Control Robotics Lab at National Chiao Tung University, SIM Group at TU Darmstadt.