Joey Reiman

ABOUT JOEY. Named One of the 100 people who will change the way the world thinks by Fast Company, Joey Reiman is Chairman & Founder of the International Center for Applied Purpose & global consultancy BrightHouse, a company whose sole purpose is to bring greater purpose to the world of business. As of May 2015, BrightHouse joined The Boston Consulting Group, as an independent business unit to

Svyazinvest - Wikipedia

OJSC Svyazinvest (Russian: ОАО Связьинвест) was Russia's largest telecommunications holding company.Based in Moscow, it was founded according to Order №1297 of the Russian government on November 25, 1994, and was registered on September 18, 1995. It was an entirely state-owned company until but some shares were privatized in the late 1990s.