Book Summary: "Leadership and Self-Deception Getting out

Leadership : Book Summary: "Leadership and Self-Deception. Getting out of the box", by the Arbinger Institute Getting out of the box", by the Arbinger Institute Posted by kevinb on 6/10/09 ( 103315 reads )


LEADERSHIP AND SELF-DECEPTION. By The Arbinger Institute . It is seldom that I push a book on others, but this one is an exception. I believe that everyone needs to read this book. It explains a dynamic of human relationships that will be extremely valuable to anyone who relates to other people.

Book Notes by David Mays

LEADERSHIP AND SELF-DECEPTION. Getting out of the Box. The Arbinger Institute. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2000, 180 pp. ISBN 1-57675-174-0. The Arbinger Institute is a management training and consulting firm that helps organizations, families, and communities overcome the implications of self-deception.