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WORLD TRAVEL is cheap and easy. In fact, with a little practice and effort, you can travel for free. The idea that travel is expensive and difficult is bullshit peddled by tour companies, hotel chains, and corporate media. The tourism industry wants you to buy cruise packages and stay at all-inclusive resorts. They want you to choose a world travel experience the same way you would choose a new jacket at the mall. They want your credit card number.

15 Free Ways (Or Even Get-Paid) To Travel That Will Enrich

Free Walking Tours. If you are traveling to a country you know a lot about, especially the significance of monuments within a particular area, historical moments and are well versed in the culture, why not take a dabble at being a walking tour guide. Many of the guided tours are free, but basically you work for tips. While the tips may not be very much money, it can very well cover the cost of your meals for an entire week.

9 Ways To Travel The World For Free (Or Even Get Paid To

If you want to travel around and have a free place to sleep, this is the best option! Remember that hosts’ homes are not a free hotel, so treat them and their space with respect, offer to cook for them, and always keep in mind you’re being welcomed by a very generous person who hosted you out of kindness. If you want to connect with local people, hang out, make new friends, find company to

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