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Hiroshi Kamiya (神谷 浩史, Kamiya Hiroshi, born January 28, 1975 in Matsudo, Chiba) is a Japanese voice actor and singer affiliated with Aoni Production. He is best known for being the voice of Choromatsu Matsuno from Osomatsu-san, Takashi Natsume from Natsume Yūjin Chō, Akashi Seijuro from Kuroko's Basketball, Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan, Yuzuru Otonashi from Angel Beats!, Yato

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The manga series Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン, lit.Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) in Japan, features a large number of recurring fictional characters originally created by Gosho Aoyama.The series takes place in modern-day Japan and follows amateur detective Jimmy Kudo who solves cases in an episodic fashion while in his childhood

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Shiho Miyano and her older sister, Akemi Miyano, were born into the secret crime syndicate "The Black Organization".Her English mother, Elena Miyano, and her Japanese father, Atsushi Miyano, were both scientists working for the Black Organization on a secret project.While Haibara was young, both her parents died in what was claimed to be an accident.

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Saint Seiya Omega (聖闘士星矢Ω?) (ou les nouveaux chevaliers du zodiaque) est une série télévisée d'animation japonaise, créée d'après le manga Saint Seiya de Masami Kurumada par les studios Tōei animation, diffusée du 1 er avril 2012 au 30 mars 2014 sur TV Asahi [1] regroupée en deux saisons par arc narratif [2].L'apparence des personnages de cette nouvelle série s'écarte de