Car Show and Swap Meet Dates - Bad Ass Cars

Events in light gray are from last year and are there for ease of updating. January - 2018. 13th - Stockton: Fred's Annual Circle Track Trade Show & Swap Meet at the San Juaquin Fairgrounds, Building #2. 8am - 12pm. $8.00 admission, children free. It's mostly for dirt and asphalt circle track cars and parts, but also has other car and hot rod stuff.

The Real Story Of The Edsel - Joe Sherlock

It has been over sixty years since the debut of the Edsel. The grand unveiling was September 4, 1957, designated as "E-Day" by Ford Motor Company.In 2007, Peter Carlson of the Washington Post penned a hit job titled: 'Edsel: The flop heard 'round the world'. The article regurgitated the conventional wisdom that the Edsel was the Mother Of All Failures: the design was silly, the public hated it