2018 Legislative Session Dates - Stateside

The formal legislative session is scheduled through end of June; however, formal adjournment will occur in December. Rhode Island: The formal legislative session is scheduled through April, although formal adjournment usually occurs at some point in June. Tennessee: The Legislature may meet for 90 legislative days over the course of its two-year session. The 90 days are typically evenly divided, generally leading to adjournment mid-April.

Session Schedules - StateScape

The legislative session schedules show when each state convenes and adjourns so that you can plan ahead. At a glance, you can see where and when you'll need to target your attention. This page gives start and end dates for regular sessions and special sessions, and indicates which states carry over bills from one year to the next.

Legislative Session Deadlines for 2018 - MultiState

Highlighted states indicate regular session of legislature has adjourned sine die, however special sessions may still be called.